Lisa & Brett


Tess, (GSD) is now 2 yrs old and is a wonderful well trained dog. This is due to Angie and her staff at Tall Pines. 

As a1 yr old, Tess was a confused, over protective and nervous dog who did not know she was a dog until we received training and support. Tess appeared aggressive and dangerous...Angie knew this was not the case...she needed to be trained and treated like a dog. 

We started the programme which has now resulted in our beautiful girl walking on a lead by our side (not pulling us every where SHE wanted to go!), paying attention to us and not being distracted, being sociable with other humans not within the family (she has always liked other dogs) and being a joy to be around.

I liked Angie the moment I met her. She is straight-talking but makes sense. Her priority is the dog, not you, so she will tell you when you are doing wrong, but she gives confidence to the owner to continue the training when she is not around. It is vital to continue what you learn at the classes, at home. Being consistent and persistent in training your dog will reward you with a wonderful well trained may even save it's life. 

There is no such thing as a bad dog....just poorly trained owners. We were one of them, so I know what I am talking about. We used to treat Tess like our child and not like a dog, so she was confused. She is still very much loved and is treated as part of our family - our "pack" but she knows her place, which is beneath all the other human members of the family, but she is happy, obedient and a lovely family dog.

We cannot thank Angie and her staff enough… she has given us Tess and we love our dog. –  Lisa & Brett